The Photographer

 Elizabeth Blessitt Serna

I have always had a passion for photography. Growing up with both a father and grandfather who loved cameras and taking pictures, it was in my blood. As I grew up, I always had a camera on hand because I wanted to capture as many of these fleeting moments as I could. It was a natural progression to start working with clients to capture their memories, as well. I enjoy working with adults, children, and animals, as well as my own artistic passion for landscape/nature photography. My artistic work is also available for purchase. In the past few years, I have added newborn and event photography to my business and love working with my clients to find out what they want to remember most, rather than just what I happen to see.

I obtained both my Bachelors and Masters degrees at University of Houston—Clear Lake in Psychology and Industrial Organizational Psychology, respectively. I worked extensively in the world of business management and training/development and learned a lot about bringing out the best in people by focusing on each individual's strengths. I try to bring this knowledge to every shoot and work directly with each client in the best manner possible for that person's personality and character to shine.

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